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20 Mei: TOTHEM rock from Italy & The Tripdown Project

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Lang ver(ge)wacht, maar eindelijk is het dan zo ver: vrijdag 20 mei geeft de Italiaanse rock band TOTHEM een optreden. Het voorprogramma wordt verzorgt door The Tripdown Project uit Engeland.

Tothem is considered by the international critics as one of the most talented and promising bands of the Italian and international melodic metal scene. After releasing an Ep (Tothem), in 2003 the band broke up and only in 2010 Black Cyril, the guitar player, and Roslen, lead singer, decided to reform Tothem with the entry of three new members: Leo, on bass guitar, Andrea The Joker, on drums, and Marco, on keyboards. During the years they have played at the best clubs in Italy and Europe. Up to now they have recorded two demos (Automatisma and Pray) and two Eps (Tothem in 2003 and Osaka Bed & Breakfast released in 2010 in limited edition). This latest Ep got a great critical success and audience approval (copies got sold out, enhanced by the chance of the free download of the songs), especially among foreign listeners and the band's popularity is constantly growing. Rescue, second track from the Osaka B&B album, became part of the "World of Glass" and "You can't shake me – A little help for Japan" compilations. Cross the line entered the "Metal around the world" compilation while Light of Soul entered "Aiutiamo l'Emilia" compilation. On 12th December 2012 they finally released their first full-length "Beyond the Sea". The album has legitimated the Roman band, no more as a promise but a reality of the world music scene. If the critics are unanimous in the opinion, the public has responded effectively by buying the album. At the moment the band is recording the second album and it will be out on spring 2016. They're currently planning the promotional tour, whose first dates have been Bucharest (RO), Ramnicu Valcea (RO), Sibiu (RO), Gravesend (UK), Schwedt (D) and Berlin (D). After considering many offers and proposals, Tothem announce they have decided to sign up for the Canadian label Maple Metal Records.

The Tripdown Project are an Alternative Rock Band from the North of England.
Started out as a duo (drum & guitar) but grew into a pounding rock trio!
Epic melodies, loud Guitars, drums and technology add a modern twist to the classic rock trio!
Their gigs were always were pretty wild and with the addition of synths and samples the live sound has grown and the band seem to have more energy than ever!
The band have spent a lot of 2013 in their studio, working on new songs to add to the show.
2016 is going to be filled with live shows in the UK and far beyond.

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